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Thanks to its expertise B.tech and Domotica, formerly designers and makers of home automation systems of government, made ​​the technological component for the SmartHome project, designed by architect Giuseppe Dell’Orto and can be visited at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014.

In a world premiere, will be presented the first Pebble App in the world able to govern and control the automated home of the future, in perfect synergy with the latest design requirements and domestic comfort.

Architecture, home automation and whole range of innovative products can be explored within the 150 square meters of stands that hosts the project Smarthome.

Home Orchestration - Salone del Mobile

Home Orchestration - Kitchen ON

Home Orchestration - Kitchen OFF

Domotica BrainBox

Domotica BrainB

Domotica BrainB per controllare e gestire la tua casa in remoto e in totale sicurezza

  • Setup in meno di 5 minuti per qualsiasi tipo di connessione internet.
  • Può essere collegato direttamente all'alimentatore del BUS SCS di BTicino
  • Ti permette di interagire con il sistema di domotica anche quando sei fuori casa, in tutta sicurezza e senza costi aggiuntivi.
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Domotica PebbleApp

Domotica App

Domotica PebbleApp: the first in the world to monitor and manage all the features of your home from a smartwach

With more than 400,000 units sold and the success of Kickstarter, Pebble is one of the leading market for wearable devices

Domotica PebbleApp is the first step to achieve what we call Home Orchestration.

  • Soon on Pebble appstore
  • Install the app andbrowse your scenarios
  • Check your home with just one click without switches, tablet or smartphone

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