Frequently asked questions on Domotica App

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Domotica App

  • I don't want to use my private Google, Microsoft or Facebook. Can I use a different account?
  • Yes, it's possible to create a new account with one of the thee providers (Google, Microsoft o Facebook) and use it only with Domotica App on differet devices. Domotica App don't use the pre-registered account on your device in order to preserve your privacy and security.
  • Does Domotica App use or save my personal information from my Facebook, Google or Microsoft account?
  • No, Domotica App don't save them anywhere. It saves only the email addresses to contact the customers.
  • Is it possible to create a backup manually from iTunes via the "file sharing" folder?
  • No, you can not perform the manual synch via iTunes. The new synch feature replaces the old one. Now you can syncronize your configuration with a simple click!
  • How do I synchronize my configuration across devices? Is there a guide with steps to follow?
  • Access to Domotica App and make the Sign-In (login) with one of the 3 providers (Google, Facebook or Microsoft) and then perform the following steps:
    • 1 - Select the menu PLANTS from your phone with the latest configuration
    • 2 - Select Cloud Management Options
    • 3 - Select Sync and wait until the process is complete
    • 4 - Sign-In (login) on the new device with the same user
    • 5 - Select Cloud Management Options on the new device
    • 6 - Select Sync and wait for the end of download

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  • Excellent app!! Complete and it works perfectly!! Fantastic support team!! Ale40, iTunes
  • Truly excellentb& I tried other apps for My Home before but this one is the best, no doubts !Luca SKY, iTunes
  • The iPad version with the map/picture visualization is unique among BTicino Legrand controllers. Essential! Dgiaino, iTunes