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  • Domotica App Smart Home and Home Automation
  • Domotica App Smart Home and Home Automation
  • Domotica App Smart Home and Home Automation
  • Domotica App Smart Home and Home Automation

What we offer for your Smart Home

Experience in home automation

Experience in home automation

Our first version of Domotica App was created 4 years ago and has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users around the world.

Competence with Smart Home tecnology

Competence with Smart Home tecnology

Our team is highly skilled and all our products are field tested through the network of our home automation Partners.


Home Orchestration innovation

We have an eye to the future in order to provide cutting-edge solutions in Smart Home tecnology and soon we will have some important news.

  • App really good! Complete and fully functional! Service excellent! Ale40, iTunes
  • Really excellent .... I also tried other apps for myHome but this is definitely the best.. Luca SKY, iTunes
  • The iPad version with the map display / photo is only for plants Bticino Legrand. A must! Dgiaino, iTunes

Domotica App

Domotica App

Domotica App: control and manage your home from iPad - iPhone - iPod Touch

Our technology takes the concept of home automation to a higher level.

The concept related to the definition of the physical environment makes the application simple and innovative.

  • For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Upload photos of your house and drag the lights, cameras and any other device
  • Supports BTicino MyHome

The features

For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Provides the ability to view the status of all elements of your home and you can make changes with simple gestures.

The scenarios

You can create, edit, and interact with the scenarios.

Your universal controller

Turn on, turn off, adjust the intensity of the lights. Check the automatic blinds, shutter actuator, dampers, sockets and automatic watering devices.

Audio e Thermo

Check sound system and thermoregulation.


Interact with your surveillance cameras directly with your smartphone.

Secure sharing

You can export the configurations and share them easily with other iPhone and iPad.

Le versioni

Domotica App
  • Unlimited configurable Devices
  • Unlimited number of scenarios
  • Free updates
Scarica da iTunes
Domotica App MyHome LE
  • Limited number of configurable devices
  • Limited number of scenarios
  • Ability to upgrade to the PRO version
Scarica da iTunes

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