How to set up Domotica BrainB in three steps

  • Install the last release of Domotica App from the Store.

  • Connect the Domotica BrainB to the ethernet LAN and to the power plug: you need a 9-30VDC - 0.5A power supply. On the label of the BrainB case you can find the pin map.

  • Wait about 2 minutes for the start up of the device.

  • Take your mobile device and be sure it’s connected to the Wi-Fi LAN. An Internet connection is required.

  • Launch Domotica App: a popup message will appear.

Domotica BrainB Configuration: step 1
  • Note: if this popup doesn’t appear please go to the PLANTS menu, choose Edit, select the current plant and touch Setup into the BOX configuration area. With some network configurations you should try 2 or 3 times before the Domotica BrainB will be found.

Domotica BrainB Configuration: step 1
  • If the message in the bottom area of the view is “BrainB connection successfully created” you can recall the next window by touching the right arrow at the bottom of the current window.

  • However, if the message is "Domotica can't connect to BrainB correctly. Use an IP and Mask address that match the local config of Domotica" you must press the EDIT button in order to manually setup the BrainB LAN parameters: the IP and MASK numbers of the BTicino-Legrand web server, of the Domotica BrainB and of your mobile/tablet device MUST be compatible.

Domotica BrainB Configuration: step 1
  • Insert a new username (at least 6 characters) and a new password (at least 6 characters). Fill the last field with the PUK code you can read on the BrainB case.

  • Warning: for security reasons you CAN’T change the username and the password later. The username and the password will be assigned to your personal BrainB: if you will configure another smartphone/tablet device, you will have to fill this form with the same username and password you chose the first time.

  • Please take note of the username and password you choose in this step for further configurations.

  • Press the right arrow in lower right side of the window

Domotica BrainB Configuration: step 1
  • If everything goes well you will see the above window.

  • Otherwise restart the wizard: be sure your mobile/tablet is connected to the Internet and be sure to input the correct BrainB network parameters, username, password and PUK.

  • Now you can control your house when you are out.

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Domotica BrainB autodiscovery iPhone

Domotica BrainB autodiscovery iPad

Domotica BrainB manual discovery iPhone

Domotica BrainB manual discovery iPad